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Ground Works and Steel Frame Timelapse Video

Steel Construction Day 3

Steel Construction Day 1

March 2017 Concrete Foundations Timelapse Video

March 2017 Between Concrete Pouring

March 2017 Pouring Concrete 1

March 2017: Foundations Week 3 

February 2017: Time Lapse video: Week 2 

February 2017 Foundations Week 2

February 2017 Time lapse video of construction Week 1

February 2017 First Foundations are dug

February 2017 Construction phase finally begins

January 2017 Building start date announced

September 2016;  All Church Trust Grant


July 2016 Drain Redirection



11th July 2016 Drain Redirection

22nd January 2016 Demolition progress


16th January 2016 Pre-demolition handover

31st December 2015

30th December 2015

29th December 2015

28th December 2015

July 2015 Update

March 2015 Update

December 2014 Update

June 2014 Planning consent received.....

After nearly 6 months of waiting planning approval was finally received on Monday 17th June.  During the waiting period a lot of work had gone on behind the scens, including the development of a fundraising website which we were able to launch. the 'One in a Million' campaign together with the and Facebook page in order to make full use of the social media platform, 

January 2014 Detailed design and planning permission .......

During 2013 a great deal of work took place to move the initial large scale drawings presented forward. Using these plans we undertook a community survey to guage opinion.  The full design was completed and the data collected from local people informed important supporting documentation.  We finally reached the point whereby a formal submission to the local authority was made in September 2013.

2013 also saw God do amazing work in the heart of His people here at Crofts End.  At the annual Gift Day nearly £45,000 was given in monetary gifts over and above giving to the daily work for the kingdom here at Crofts End.

There were also local fund raising events that not only brought in money, but also gave us outreach opportunities to engage with the local community - it's NOT all about money and building, it's about extending the Kingdom!

At the very first Sunday service of 2014, it was with great excitement that the whole church was able to view not only a model of the new building built exactly to scale, but also have the opportunity to see this full animation of both the inside and outside of the planned building....

At this point the full planning application is still with the local authority but as a church it's a time where we as individuals consider our position in commiting to the longer term support of the project.  If you feel God is calling you to give a regular amount, however big or small that may be, then you can do this either by downloading a standing order form or set up a direct online payment to the following account:

  • Nat West Bank
  • Sort Code: 52-10-14
  • Account Number: 90629671

2013 Main Project Start Point....

It's now been some 4 years since we realised that the lower hall of CEC was structurally unsound and not fit for purpose for a growing church with vision for the future.  Many steps have been taken, including renovation of other parts of the church to ensure that we can continue to worship on the site and still have facilities available for outreach and links with the local community, but we are now at the stage where our vision goal for a new church building begins.

This is a BIG goal which will both challenge us as church and build us up in faith as we seek God's will and see the vision unfold as we move forward.

Initial plans have been drawn up and approved by the CEC Leaders, BCMS (as owners of the present building) and the church as a whole at a meeting on Monday 4th February.  The next stage is to submit these plans to Bristol City Council as part of a pre-planning application.

Although the plans are not yet public, everyone at CEC is now able to view them within this 'Intranet' part of the website.

Please  select the images below to open full PDF format versions of the drawings:

CEC Proposed Floor Plan for new building
3D Artistic Impression Detailed floor plans